USCG Documentation Renewal Made Easy

USCG Documentation Renewal Made Easy

When you own a large boat, either for recreational or commercial purposes, you likely are going to go through the process to get your vessel documented with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). This documentation is legally required for some vessels while other owners choose to get it because it makes traveling to foreign areas by ship easier and is often required by financing companies in order to secure a mortgage for the boat. The documentation certificate you receive is only good for one year and renewing it each year is needed to keep documentation. Here at U.S. Vessel Documentation, we have made USCG documentation renewal as easy as possible for you with our system.

Let Us Handle the Paperwork

Filing paperwork with any government agency can sometimes be complex, cumbersome and difficult. You want to make sure that all of your forms are filled out correctly with accurate information and that any needed supporting identification and documentation is included to speed the process along. It can be very easy for you to overlook something or fill out an area incorrectly, voiding your filing. Our service can take the headaches away from you. We look over each document carefully to make sure information is correct and that everything is where it should so your renewal can be filed without any problem.

Understanding Form CG-1258 for Filing

Never Forget a Renewal Time

A lot of people simply forget about their USCG documentation renewal each year and then have it expire, meaning they have more forms and another process to go through to restore documentation. With our services at U.S. Vessel Documentation, we can set things up for you so you can have your renewal taken care of for years in advance. Even though you only get a single, year-long certificate each year, you can pay in advance, so your certificate automatically gets renewed for you. You will never have to worry about expiration, late fees or reinstatement fees again.

Let Us Help You

At U.S. Vessel Documentation, we can make USCG documentation renewal as easy as possible for you. If you would like to learn more about the services we can offer you, come to our website and learn about our renewal process. You can file the forms directly online with us and have everything taken care of for you so you can be sure your certificate is always valid and up to date.