USCG Documentation

Facts to Know about USCG Documentation and a Marad Small Vessel Waiver

In nearly all cases, in order for a commercial vessel to operate on U.S. waters, it is required that it be built in America. This longstanding rule is often strictly enforced. And if you own a vessel of unknown or foreign origin, you might think you’re out of luck for commercial operations. Luckily, a path exists for you to pursue your business interests, and that’s with a MARAD Small Vessel Waiver. If your vessel meets the eligibility requirements, you can acquire USCG documentation and a MARAD Small Vessel Waiver, giving you the ability to launch a commercial venture.

How Do You Know that Your Vessel is Eligible?

If you’re interested in USCG documentation and a MARAD Small Vessel Waiver, you should familiarize yourself with the eligibility requirements. Firstly, your vessel must be at least three years old, and it can’t have a passenger capacity over 12. Second, you must be a United States citizen in order to apply. It’s also critical that your commercial operations are relegated to passenger-based functions. If you’re looking to get into towing, dredging, cargo transport, or commercial fishing, you should be aware that these are not legal under a MARAD Small Vessel Waiver.

You Can Apply for Your MARAD Small Vessel Waiver Online

In the past, the only way to get USCG documentation and a MARAD Small Vessel Waiver was to complete the forms by hand send them in the mail. The paperwork for this documentation is usually long and trycky, making the process something of a hassle. Fortunately for you, you can now apply for your waiver over the internet. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll see that there are several companies offering this service. It’s in your best interests to seek out a third-party service who offers a wide range of USCG documentation. This way you’ll know you’re working with someone who knows what they’re doing.

U.S. Vessel Documentation, Inc. Can Assist Along the Way!USCG Documentation

A MARAD Small Vessel Waiver can be a good fit for your maritime business. We can gladly help you acquire the necessary USCG documentation. At U.S. Vessel Documentation, Inc., we have a secure online portal for filing just about any type of vessel registration. Take a moment to look around our website – you’ll see that no matter your USCG documentation needs, we can help you simplify the process. You can also call us at 1-866-981-8783 to ask any questions you may have.