us coast guard bill of sale form

US Coast Guard Bill of Sale Form

Why You Need a US Coast Guard Bill of Sale Form

While buying and selling any type of boat or marine vessel may seem like a pretty straightforward transaction to you, the truth is that there are much more details that you need to pay attention to today than ever before. Because of much tighter security restrictions that now exist, the government requires many more details regarding any transaction that you are involved in when you are buying a large boat. You will find that there are a variety of forms that you are going to need to fill out to make sure everything is filed properly. You will learn that you need a US Coast Guard bill of sale form to properly document the transaction if you hope to be able to get your boat out on the water or complete your sale.

Getting Proper Recognition for Your Vessel

Providing a bill of sale is a necessary component any time you are seeking to get US Coast Guard documentation. This documentation can be important to you because it provides you with a legal recognition of your vessel. This documentation is a national registration system for marine vessels and since it is administered by a government agency through the US Coast Guard it does carry international recognition as well. This can be important for you to have your vessel, particularly if you are investing in a commercial boat for work.

coast guard bill of sale

Documentation for a New Owner

If you are buying a boat from another owner that already has US Coast Guard documentation, you are going to require a US Coast Guard bill of sale if you want to be able to get the proper documentation on your own. The documentation itself is not transferable, so you will need to go through the process on your own and file the appropriate paperwork. This will necessarily include a bill of sale to show that you are now the rightful owner of the vessel.

Using an Agency for Help with Coast Guard Bill of Sale Form

Going through the documentation process and getting everything you need together, including a US Coast Guard bill of sale, can be very confusing. That is why you will want to make use of an agency to assist you.

Us Coast Guard Bill of Sale Form

US Vessel Documentation specializes in working with boat owners to help them file all of the appropriate paperwork properly and on time so that you can get your boat documented properly.