NVDC Registered Boat

What to Do if You’re Caught in Severe Weather in a NVDC Registered Boat

If you’ve spent time out on the sea, you know that the weather can change at the drop of the hat. What had been a pleasant, sunny day out on the water can quickly become a dangerous situation should the skies suddenly darken. This can be a scary occasion, no doubt, but if you know the right safety protocols, you can successfully navigate severe weather in your NVDC registered boat.


Don’t Panic – Assess the SituationNVDC Registered Boat


First things first: don’t panic. Obviously, that’s easier said than done. But it’s vital that you maintain your composure for the sake of your passengers and/or crew. Next, you want to assess whether or not you can safely make it to the nearest shore or harbor. If you’re already into the storm, it might be wise to simply ride it out on the open water. In this case, drop your sea anchor. If your sea anchor does not suffice, you can also use your conventional anchor. It can help you avoid drifting into dangerous areas.


Keep a Vigilant Eye on the Sea and Proceed with Caution


If you think you have time to make it to shore, or you’ve successfully weathered the storm and it’s safely passed, it’s important that you proceed with caution. You want to head the bow into the waves at a 45-degree angle. And if in a PWC, head directly into the waves. You want to keep an eye out for other boats, debris, shoals, and stumps. It’s important that you avoid any possible collisions. Fellow boaters may be operating with damaged vessels. So you’d be wise to take extreme caution as make your way back to shore.


It’s Always Wise to Have Your Vessel Registered with the NVDC


One safety consideration to take note of, if you haven’t already, is registering your vessel with the NVDC. This documentation for your boat can be invaluable if have trouble at sea, as it can assist the United States Coast Guard in locating your vessel. If you’re interested in filing for a first-time registration, U.S. Vessel Documentation, Inc. can help. If you explore our website, you’ll see that we offer streamlined, easy to complete forms for just about any of your ship documentation needs. Let our experts help you submit your documents as quickly and as accurately as possible. Call 1-866-981-8783 for more information about this issue.