a US Coast Guard Documentation Search

What to Know about Performing a US Coast Guard Documentation Search

Buying a new vessel is typically a very exciting time – it can give you a whole new outlook on life. These days, however, a boat is a major investment, and there is a booming used market, with a wide assortment of private sellers and dealers available to buyers of all stripes. If you’re thinking about buying a used boat, it’s vital that you do your research—you want to know that the vessel you’re purchasing is in good shape structurally, and free of any liens or other burdens. Luckily, there’s an efficient way to get this information, and that’s by performing a United States Coast Guard documentation search.

Where Do You Start?

While it’s true that not every boat necessitates United Starts Coast Guard documentation, a great deal of owners document their recreational boats because it’s often a must in securing financing. Vessel documentation also eases travel for owners, and it’s often done for this reason. The USCG keeps a thorough registry of documented vessels in the United States, and they make it possible to search for information on these vessels. This can be done by visiting the USCG website and performing a search. You’ll want to have the vessel name, documentation number, and some other information at the ready before you can execute a search.

What Can You Find Out?a US Coast Guard Documentation Search

When you perform a United States Coast Guard documentation search, you can access some very detailed ownership information about the boat you’re researching. You can also learn about any encumbrances like liens that might be against the boat. This is crucial information, as previous liens on the vessel could end up being a nuissance for you once ownership has been transferred. Obviously, you do not want an inordinate amount of money in liens tied to your new purchase, so it’s definitely wise to perform a United States Coast Guard documentation search.

You Bought the Boat – What’s Next?

So you did the smart thing and performed a United States Coast Guard documentation search, and now you’re ready to make the purchase and assume ownership of the vessel’s documentation. Here at U.S. Vessel Documentation, Inc., we can happily assist you with this process, helping to ease what can be a stressful transition process. Call 1-866-981-8783 and let us know your questions regarding Coast Guard Documentation search. Give yourself a moment or two to take a look around our website – you’ll see that we offer an easy way to file for just about any form of vessel documentation.