bill of sale for the boat

Make Sure to Get a Bill of Sale for That Boat

Are you shopping for your first boat? If you are, this can be a very exciting time for you. You get the opportunity to look at some of the fantastic watercraft that you have always wanted to own, knowing that you will soon be out on the water yourself with this fine craft. Since most people today shop for a boat on the secondary market, you are likely going to deal with private sellers that want to sell their boats. As you get close to finalizing a deal and agree on a price for the boat you want, you do want to make sure you get a bill of sale for the boat you are buying.

A Record of Details

The bill of sale will be the record of all the details of your transaction so that you know that you as the buyer and the seller involved live up to your expectations. The bill of sale will include your name and information and the same for the seller, but it will also have important information regarding the boat, like the Hull Number, the make and model of the boat, any extras included in the sale like a trailer or other accessories, the agreed upon price for the boat and so on. You then want to have the document signed by yourself and the seller, witnesses and a notary to make the document official.

bill of sale for the boat

A Requirement for You

The bill of sale of the boat is a requirement for you to register your ownership of the boat in your state, so it is a document that you will need to have. Each state may have specific requirements of what the bill of sale contains, so you may want to check in your area to see what is needed. You will also need the bill of sale if you intend to document the boat with the Coast Guard so that you can be part of the federal registry, something often required by financial lenders.

Filing for Documentation

Once you have the bill of sale of your boat and have finalized everything, if you want to move ahead and get USCG documentation for your boat, we at U.S. Vessel Documentation, Inc. are here to help you. We can assist you with the paperwork and filing process with the Coast Guard, so you get your registration and certificate of documentation accomplished without any trouble. You can find out more about the process and complete it for yourself when you come to our website.