What Getting a CG-1340 Can do for You

What Getting a CG-1340 Can do for You

You have been shopping around for a boat for a while now, and you have finally found just what you have been looking for. The boat is beautiful, has everything you want, and the price is just what you wanted to pay, so now it is just a matter of finalizing the deal with the previous owner. One thing you are going to want to consider is if you want to get your boat documented or if it has already been documented by the Coast Guard. Since you are a new owner of this vessel, there is a process that you need to go through to make this happen. Filing form CG-1340 can be a big help to you in getting the vessel properly documented in your name.

Documentation is not Transferable

Even if the boat you are buying is already documented with the Coast Guard, you are still going to need to file this form, which is a Bill of Sale, to get the ability to document the boat yourself. Coast Guard documentation is not transferable from one owner to another. You will need to get new documentation for yourself if it is required because of the size of the boat, if your financing institution requires documentation under the terms of your mortgage or loan or if you want to have the registration with the Coast Guard for your own purposes.

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How to File the Forms

When you are in of a CG-1340, you will need to fill out the form and have it signed by you and the previous owner of the boat. The signing needs to be witnessed by a notary public for it to be official. You can then use this Bill of Sale, along with the proper application for documentation, to get the documentation you need. Forms are filed with the Vessel Documentation Center, which is a branch of the Coast Guard and Homeland Security.

Get Help with Filing

Once you have the CG-1340 you need, you may want help in filing everything so you can be sure the process is done correctly. Here at U.S. Vessel Documentation, we specialize in helping people like you with all of the filings needed with the Coast Guard for documentation. You can begin the process with our service simply by going to our website and following the instructions for filing the forms you need. Our service helps to expedite the process so you can get your documentation and get out on the water in your boat.