Documented Vessel Search

A Documented Vessel Search Provides You Important Information

Any time you make a large purchase for yourself, you want to make sure you give it careful consideration. Investing a great deal of money into anything like a home, real estate, a car or a boat requires insight and thought. You naturally are going to want to spend time investigating your options and looking closely at the items you find acceptable to you. Gathering information and doing your homework is part of being a good consumer today and buying a recreational vessel is no different. That is why it is so important for you to perform a documented vessel search on any boat you are considering buying for yourself so you can get important background information.

Discovery about a Vessel

Performing a search on a vessel you want to buy will provide you with background information that can be useful to you. If you are buying a new vessel, there is no reason for you to conduct a search since it has no previous owner and has not been documented yet. However, for a used vessel, the boat may be documented, and you can gather information about the boat from a search. You can get the ownership information such as the name and address of the owner so that you can verify that the person selling the boat is the true owner of the boat. You can also find out documentation information about the boat and how the boat is classified.

Documented Vessel Search

Where You Should Search

There are various websites you can go to so that you can conduct a documented vessel search. The United States Coast Guard is the organization that takes care of documentation, and you can search for information directly on their site. If you do an Internet search regarding the documentation search process, you will find several sites out there today where you can search a vessel based on the vessel name or the documentation number issued by the Coast Guard.

Getting Your Boat Documented

If you have performed a documented vessel search on a boat you are purchasing and discovered the boat is not documented or the documentation has lapsed, you may want to go through the process yourself to get proper documentation. To do this, we at U.S. Vessel Documentation, Inc. can be a big help to you. We offer services to help you get your paperwork filed so you can get documentation from the USCG. To find out about us and to work with us on the process, please go to our site for steps on filing with us.