CG-1340 is important for your Boat Transaction

The CG-1340 is Important for Your Boat Transaction

People buy and sell boats all the time so as someone new to the process you may think that everything should be easy for you. You find the boat you want, broker the deal, pay for it, and the boat is yours. While it may seem that easy from the outside, the truth is that the process can be a bit more complicated, particularly when Coast Guard Vessel documentation is involved. While recreational boats are not required to have documentation, many get it since it is a great method of titling and registering the boat. If you are purchasing or selling a boat that is documented, the CG-1340  is important for your Boat Transaction, this form is one that you want to familiarize yourself with to help with your transaction.

CG-1340 is important for your Boat Transaction

Buying a Documented Vessel

If you are buying a documented vessel and intend on documenting the vessel yourself, there will be paperwork that you need to file with the Coast Guard to make the process easier. Filing the paperwork should not be a problem for you (particularly with our help at U.S. Vessel Documentation), but there is some paperwork you will need from the previous owner in order for your documentation application to go through smoothly. You should ask the previous owner to complete the U.S. Coast Guard Bill of Sale form so that the Coast Guard can have the information to transfer documentation of the vessel to you as the new owner.

What to do with the Form

Once you have the CG-1340 from the previous owner, you then want to include this form with your own forms when you file for documentation for yourself. The process might seem a little confusing at first as you try to figure out just which forms you need to file as a new owner of a previously documented vessel, and you need to gather all the important information, identification and such to fill out the forms.

We Can Work with You

If you are unsure of what to do with the CG-1340 and need assistance filing the right forms so you can get Coast Guard documentation as the new owner, we are here to help you at U.S. Vessel Documentation. We act as a third-party agency that can handle processing for you and make sure your forms are filled out correctly and everything gets filed right. Visit our website to find the forms you can file with us electronically and feel free to give us a call at 866-981-8783 should you have any questions regarding the process.